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How do Injuries Develop?

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

There are many ways our body can be injured. Injury is the mechanical or physiological failure of a system in the body. It can impede function, disrupt processes, and create pain or discomfort.

person on crutches with knee injury

Injuries can develop through an acute episode or develop overtime. An acute injury usually occurs due to a specific, traumatic event such as a sports injury, trip and fall, or an immediate event that can be correlated to the site of concern. If these types of injuries aren’t addressed by healthcare services they can develop into long term chronic conditions.


How Chronic Injuries Happen

A chronic injury can occur over time either from an acute episode or from overuse of a specific structure. For example, golfer’s elbow is inflammation of the muscles on the inside of the forearm. Overtime, a muscle imbalance develops in which damage occurs eliciting a pain response. These types of injuries require longer rehab in order to correct.

doctor doing a neck stretch on patient

What can you do about injuries?

Injuries occur in everyday life. The sooner they are addressed the less rehabilitation time is usually needed and can prevent worsening of the condition.

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