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Sport Specific Services

At AVION Sports Rehab, we specialize in sport specific activities to maximize your results. We understand the demand of your sport and tailor your treatment plan to personalize it for what's most important to you. We specialize in working with active adults, including professional athletes, Olympians, weekend warriors and everyone in between.

Golfer walking on golf course

Golf Specific Rehab

TPI Certified Evaluation

Improve your ball contact

Learn valuable swing mechanics

Find what's holding you back

Injury prevention and management

Play like a pro

If you're ready to play pain free, contact one of our TPI certified golf performance therapists today.

Are you a CrossFitter, Powerlifter, or Weightlifter and have pain that's holding you back? We can help.

weightlifter doing a deadlift

Barbell Rehab

Ideal for CrossFit and Powerlifting

Expert movement screening

Build greater strength

Correct muscle imbalances

Eliminate pain and stiffness

Improve lifting techniques

Maximize your recovery

Runner on a road

Rehab For Runners

Overuse injuries

Injury management

Running assessment

Specific running rehab

Personalized approach

Running mechanics analysis

Reclaim your stride

Tired of constantly getting injured while you run and don't know why? We can figure it out and fix it.

Body Building can take a tremendous toll on your body. We can help you keep it healthy and strong.

body builder doing bicep curls

Body Building Rehab

60-75 minutes one-on-one

Expert recovery techniques

Reduce muscle soreness

Correct muscle/visual imbalances

Eliminate pain and stiffness

Reduce injury and increase ROM

Maximize your workouts

Bloodflow restriction training (BFR)

Woman sitting at desk with neck pain

Corporate Rehab

Postural restoration

Ergonomics testing

Eliminate muscle tightness

Increase your work output

Fix muscle imbalances

Work longer with less stress

Improve work satisfaction

Office workers have a high risk of chronic health issues. We can show you how to avoid those risks.

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