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Our Treatment Methods

We offer prescription based exercises which include a wide range of mobility movements, foundational strength exercises, neurological re-education by transforming how the body moves, flexibility training, and much more.

We offer a full range of Manual Therapy and Modalities including:

Active Release Techniques

Used to alleviate pain, muscle tightness, decrease tension, and improve movement.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Metal tools used to breakdown scar tissue, promote healing, and decrease recovery time.

Infrared Therapy

Light therapy method that helps to promote recovery and decreases stressors during the muscle repair process.

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)

Type of manual therapy technique used to reduce chronic and acute pain, increase range of motion, and decreases functional limitations.

Dry Needling 

Using needles to target muscle and tendon structures to release muscle tension, trigger points, and decrease muscle tightness.

Strength Training 

Process of improving muscle activation to decrease imbalances and support joint function.

Joint Manipulation

High velocity, low amplitude movement in the joint used to increase range of motion, decrease pain receptor response, alleviates pain, and improves circulation.


Induces a negative pressure environment to stretch muscles, improve circulation, and used for trigger point release.

Percussion Therapy

Uses sound and vibration waves to breakdown scar tissue, improve muscle recovery, and decrease tightness.

Muscle re-education 

Neuroscientific approach that stimulates muscle fibers and activates muscles to assist in strength building and muscle growth using electrical stimulation units.

Blood Flow Restriction Training 

Uses a pressure cuff to place the body in an ischemic environment that helps to build strength and muscle without further irritating an injury. 

Electrical Stimulation Therapy 

Uses electrodes for chronic and acute pain relief to local areas, helps to promote recovery, improves blood flow and decrease muscle tightness.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Form of massage designed to decrease muscle tightness, scar tissue breakdown, and aligns muscle fibers. 

Compression Boots (Normatec)

Segmental compression used for improving circulation, decreasing edema, improving muscle recovery, and decreases muscle soreness.

What Our Clients Say

Lifting Weights
Client Headshot

Jessica P.

I'm a avid tennis player and have been struggling with knee pain for years. The team at Avion PT helped me get stronger and correct some imbalances that were causing me pain. I feel like a whole new player!

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