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South Florida's Best Physical Therapy

AVION PT and Sports Rehab will soon be offering a full range of PT services and treatments. Whether you're an athlete, have had an accident, or are in post-op recovery, AVION will be here to help.

Physical Therapy Evaluation 

A 60-75 minute session with one of our elite Physical Therapists that will cover in depth the history of your injury, testing of surrounding structures to discover the source of the problem.


We will find what is weak, strong, mobile, or restrictive, and form a comprehensive treatment plan and strategies that will lead to your personalized therapy goals.


During the initial evaluation, manual therapy techniques will be performed to reduce pain levels and begin the healing process along with a comprehensive Home Exercises Program (HEP) to maximize your recovery time. 


Physical Therapy Treatment 

Each therapy session consists of 45-60 minutes of treatment which includes manual therapies, modalities based on current evidence based practices, and exercises tailored to your specific needs.


During each session you will be under the supervision of your own skilled Doctor of Physical Therapy who will ensure the proper execution of your individualized plan of care.


Injury Prevention 

Sessions include a Movement Screening Analysis to determine areas of deficiencies and corrective exercises that address muscle imbalances and weaknesses.


Manual therapy techniques are also performed in conjunction with exercises to reduce the risk of future injury. These sessions are also used for individuals who have had a previous injury that wish to reduce the risk of re-injuring as a preventative measure. 


Recovery Sessions 

Individualized or group sessions emphasizing recovery in active individuals. Manual therapy techniques are performed to reduce muscle tension, facilitate rapid recovery, decrease muscle soreness and increase fluid circulation to decrease overall recovery time.


These sessions are good for individuals who compete, perform recreational activities, and want to optimize their performance through the week. These sessions can also be used as a preventative measure to ensure the body is moving at its highest efficiency. 


Health and Wellness 

Individuals who have completed and graduated from Physical Therapy and no longer need PT services can still get the benefits of our one-on-one client centered care from our Doctors of Physical therapy in the form of guided fitness and exercise.


These sessions are reserved for individuals who wish to continue an active lifestyle with the direction and expertise of PTs in a safe and controlled environment. Sessions can also be used for individuals who want to utilize our other services such as Blood Flow Restriction training without the explicit need for rehabilitation. 

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