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Meet Our Team

Our team of experienced providers is here to serve you. We're equipped with the latest tools and techniques used by professional athletes and world-class competitors.

Headshot of Dr. Nicole Lescano, Doctor of Physical Therapy at AVION Sports Rehab


  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified

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Dr. Nicole Lescano
Golf Performance Specialist

Nicole is Physical Therapist at AVION Sports Rehab. Nicole earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA in 2021. She earned her Bachelors in Kinesiology, Pre-Physical Therapy from San Diego State University in San Diego, CA in 2016. Prior to working at AVION, Nicole worked for Select Physical Therapy at multiple clinic locations in South Florida treating an array of injuries and patient populations including post-operative patients, geriatric patients, patients with parkinson’s, athletes, and weekend warriors.

Nicole enjoys working with patients at all levels and prides herself on getting them back to doing the activities and sports that they love. Nicole played Division I Women’s lacrosse at SDSU. Nicole is a Fort Lauderdale native, and she was a physical therapy tech and aide in San Diego and Fort Lauderdale prior to admittance into her DPT program. Nicole has also been a patient herself on two occasions, having had two orthopedic injuries with subsequent surgeries. Nicole has the unique perspective of drawing from her experience as a tech/aide, a collegiate athlete, and a patient whenever she creates a patient’s plan of care during their rehabilitation process.


Nicole was awarded entrance into the National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society while at Jefferson University. Nicole’s goals are to obtain certification in Dry Needling and Blood Flow Restriction training as well as CKTP, COMT, CSCS, TPI, and LSVT BIG. 

Headshot of Andrew Geil, Certified Athletic Trainer at AVION Sports Rehab


  • Board Certified Athletic Trainer

  • Dry Needling Certified

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning (SSC)

  • Certified Bloodflow Restriction Training (BFR

Andrew Geil

Andrew Geil is the Director of Sports Medicine for AVION Sports Rehab. Andrew is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer and published author (Principles of Bodyweight Training: Methods and Guidelines Behind Bodyweight Movement). He earned his Bachelors in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2019. Working with professional sports, orthopedic outpatient clinics, and surgical centers, Andrew is highly skilled, versatile and diverse in his practice. Andrew specializes in injury assessment, prevention, management, rehabilitation, diagnosis and evaluation of musculoskeletal related conditions. 

Andrew has worked with world renowned surgeons at Cleveland Clinic assisting in surgical interventions such as Rotator Cuff Repairs, ACL/PCL Reconstruction, Total Hip/Knee Replacement, Total Shoulder/Reverse Shoulder Replacement, and more. With over 9 years of experience and a multitude of certifications such as Dry Needling (DN), Strength and Conditioning Specialist (SSC), and Movement System Specialist, he has helped hundreds of individuals suffering from musculoskeletal disorders ranging from professional athletes to the elderly. 

Utilizing the ICF model (International Classification of Function, Disability, and Health) he is able to practice patient-centered care with an emphasis on patient experience delivering short term solutions for long term results. Andrew uses his wide range of skills that include biomechanical analysis, comprehensive manual therapy techniques such as Active Release Techniques (ART), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), Mulligan’s Concept of Joint Mobilization, K-Taping, and Cupping therapies.

Andrew also holds a second-degree black belt in Okinawan Goju-Ryu, a traditional form of karate. Andrew has dedicated the past 18 years to studying martial arts and is a certified Sensei to teach self-defense and combat. Andrew integrates his karate knowledge and skills into his therapeutic approach developing a better experience for his patients. 

Our Story

Andrew, Juan, and Steven partnered together to start AVION PT because they shared a passion for helping people improve their physical health and wellbeing. They believed that by combining their expertise and knowledge in physical therapy, they could create a practice that was focused on providing the highest quality care possible. Together, they saw an opportunity to create a unique and patient-centered practice that would prioritize individualized treatment plans and foster a welcoming and supportive environment for their patients. Their shared vision and commitment to excellence have been the driving force behind AVION PT's success.

At AVION PT, we believe that every patient deserves personalized care and attention to help them achieve their goals. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable physical therapists is dedicated to providing top-quality care that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. Unlike our competitors, we take the time to listen to our patients, understand their concerns, and develop customized treatment plans that address their specific needs. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, and our team stays up-to-date with the latest techniques and advancements in physical therapy. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking to improve your overall health and wellness, we're committed to helping you reach your full potential and live your best life. Choose AVION PT for compassionate, personalized care that makes a real difference in your life.

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