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Improve your Golf Game with Physical Therapy

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

The most important factor when it comes to golf is the swing. A strong, foundational swing can lead to increased accuracy, distance, decreased number of strokes, and greater performance.

While the swing is important, the repetitive motion with high velocity movement can lead to many overuse injuries such as low back strains, hip discomfort, shoulder pain, or the infamous elbow pain called Golfer’s elbow.

Physical therapists, especially ones with an additional TPI certification that has specific training on golf rehabilitation and biomechanics, can analyze your golf swing and detect areas of weakness, impairment, insufficiency, and predict future injuries that may occur based on underlying findings. As experts of rehabilitation, we can evaluate how your injury developed and address it at the root cause utilizing a wide variety of modalities and specialized exercises.

Check out our Avion Golfer’s Player Program and schedule a consultation with one of our Elite Physical Therapists today and improve your game.

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